I started audio podcasting my Grandmother’s poetry last year each week when I was writing my fourth Children’s Fantasy, Mr. Wugidgem And The Snow Queen. Grandma wrote her poetry between 1917  and 1969, a copy of which she gave me in July, 1969.  I have rediscovered her talent, particularly as I began to read them aloud last year in my audio podcasts.  When I finished writing Mr. Wugidgem And The Snow Queen, I began podcasting those episodes, and then started writing the fifth Mr. Wugidgem book which has the working title, Faces Of Freedom.  I hope to finish it this month and begin podcasting it next month.  If you would like to hear these previous audio podcasts, click the link below:

Chapman Children Stories Audio Podcasts

Today’s poem is entitled My Trip To Long Island.  Perhaps this will evoke memories of your Grandmother as well.  As I did last week, I am including the poem for you to follow along as I read.  To hear the podcast click on the link below:

Direct Link To Episode 24 Grandma Chapman’s Poetry



My hearty thanks to one and all,

For what you did for me, each day,

To make my visit so very nice,

And cheer me up along they way.

At Fran and Ann’s it was real fun,

With rides and new sights to see.

Allan and Georgi were good hosts, too,

With Jenine and Jennifer to play with me.

Ken and Carolyn were kindly folks,

Smiling Tracy was happy there.

Jeanne’s arrival from far off London

Was an event I was glad to share.

So everyone made my stay worthwhile,

With the good times I had while there.

May all go well with these dear ones,

As they travel here, there, and everywhere.

Written February 4, 1969 in Brooklyn, Connecticut


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