We are back in California, where we belong.  We took about 500 photos while we were in Norway, and I plan to post narrative and photos of that country’s dramatic landscape.
Last week in Episode 2 of Mr. Wugidgem And The Phoenix Journey we saw Golden Poppy get caught in a lie, and then, reluctantly, agree to join in the Shamanistic journey.  The week, in the final Episode, we’ll follow her on her non-ordinary reality journey, and then come face to face with hard, ordinary reality.  Enjoy!
Thanks for listening this week.  This story, plus another adventure will be in print this summer.  I will provide the details as soon as I have them.  Please join me again next week, when I will resume podcasting from my Dad’s book, Talking To The World From Pan Am’s Clippers.  Thanks again for being with me!

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