I’m Allan Chapman, and welcome to Episode 25 of Talking To The World From Pan Am’s Clippers.  Last week we saw the Captain push a Clipper to the max on the Inaugural Johannesburg-New York flight to make an on time arrival.  This week we’ll see my sister arrive in California, and then Dad will give us some history of Pan Am’s operations across the Pacific.

I hope you enjoyed today’s podcast.  I have written 4 new Children’s Magic Stories, the first 2 of which should be available in print by the end of July.  If you missed the first one, Adventures With Mr. Wugidgem, it is available at www.createspace.com/3476205.  If you would like to listen to them in podcast episodes, you can find them at the top of my web site, www.allanwchapman.com, under archives.  Please be with me again next week for the next episode of Talking To The World From Pan Am’s Clippers,when Dad recounts Pan Am’s inaugural flight across the Pacific, and then his first trip to Fairbanks, Alaska.  Thanks again for listening today!

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