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Running, Writing and Traveling for Life-Episode 2

Washington State 2008 Senior Games 800 meters
Washington State 2008 Senior Games 800 meters gold

Welcome to this week’s episode on Running, Writing, and Traveling for Life.  Last week I shared with you some of the difficulties I experienced over the last six months which dramatically interfered with my regular running program. I also tried to encourage you to keep moving, no matter how you feel, even if it’s just once around the block walking, dragging one foot behind you.  Finally, I cautioned you to avoid the “injury hole.”

The week past was a pretty good one for me, staying out of the hole, although teetering on the edge a few times.  My right knee has been pretty sore since I played 72 holes of golf in 2 days, when I am used to playing only 9 holes, twice a week.

Years ago, I read in Coach Jack Daniels book, Daniels’ Running Formula, that when you are recovering from an injury, warm up slowly, and if the pain doesn’t lessen as you progress, stop, and then try again the next day.  The pain lessened most days I ran last week, except for the last day.  Here’s what the week looked like: Continue reading Running, Writing and Traveling for Life-Episode 2


Third in the 800 meters – 2012 California Senior Games

As I was thinking about this new blog on Running, I wondered where to begin.  The answer fought its way up from deep in my subconscious:   “At the beginning, Grasshopper!” 

I thought about that for several moments, and then finally the ancient Latin admonition from the Roman Poet, Horace,  drifted into my consciousness:  “In medius res, or in English, In the middle of things.  So ignore these two paragraphs, and let’s begin.

I am aching from yesterday’s gym workout.  This flu is sapping my energy.  It can’t be the flu because my doctor says I had the flu shot last fall.  Must be some other flu, like STP, or some other three letter designated disease.  Anyway, I’m busy thinking up excuses why I can’t run today:  I’m still sick; my eye pressure has gone up; got to go to Church this afternoon….

Hold it!  I’ve really got to think up excuses why I can run today:  I’m feeling better today than I did yesterday; my fever is gone; I feel even better after a run.  Don’t go away; I’ll let you know which side won the argument… Continue reading RUNNING, WRITING, AND TRAVELING FOR LIFE