Third in the 800 meters – 2012 California Senior Games

As I was thinking about this new blog on Running, I wondered where to begin.  The answer fought its way up from deep in my subconscious:   “At the beginning, Grasshopper!” 

I thought about that for several moments, and then finally the ancient Latin admonition from the Roman Poet, Horace,  drifted into my consciousness:  “In medius res, or in English, In the middle of things.  So ignore these two paragraphs, and let’s begin.

I am aching from yesterday’s gym workout.  This flu is sapping my energy.  It can’t be the flu because my doctor says I had the flu shot last fall.  Must be some other flu, like STP, or some other three letter designated disease.  Anyway, I’m busy thinking up excuses why I can’t run today:  I’m still sick; my eye pressure has gone up; got to go to Church this afternoon….

Hold it!  I’ve really got to think up excuses why I can run today:  I’m feeling better today than I did yesterday; my fever is gone; I feel even better after a run.  Don’t go away; I’ll let you know which side won the argument…

I’m back, and my Running side won!  I warmed up by walking for five minutes, jogging for 1 minute and 15 seconds, walking for 1 minute and 15 seconds, jogging a bit faster for 1 minute and 15 seconds, walking a final 1 minute and 15 seconds, and then I ran at a steady medium pace for about 10 minutes.  The warm down was the reverse of the warm up, and I completed a 30 minute workout.  It was just what I needed for my body and soul!

I’ve written seven works of fiction, all of which are now available in print, and now I turn to another passion, Running.  I capitalize it because Running has been a major part of my being for most of my life.  Over time I will share some details of my highs and lows I have experienced during my Running Journey, but now I want to encourage you to run.  No matter whether you are just beginning or you are a veteran. 

No matter where you are on your Journey, I urge you to keep going.  This is a long Journey and it proceeds only one step at a time.  Sometimes those steps are slower or faster, and sometimes the Run is easy and sometimes it is hard.  But always you learn something, and most of the time, you’re glad you took the first step that launches you on each Run.


I wrote the above on December 29, 2012, but never posted it until now.  I have lots of excuses, including 2 operations and lots of medications that drained my energy.  I did run some, when I did it first thing in the morning, but if I didn’t before noon, the best I could do was a walk.  And I certainly did not want to write about this.  But I should have; perhaps I might have stimulated the impetus to run on those days I didn’t.  And perhaps I might have motivated you to run on days you did not feel like running and you didn’t…..

But I am running regularly again, and I have a sore right knee to prove it!  I’m going to the gym and strengthening my quads to try to relieve the stress to my knee.  I probably will do some “pool running” with a vest to relieve stress also. 

I qualified for the Senior Games Nationals in the 800 meters this July in Berea, Ohio, but I’ve decided to remove the added stress of competition this year until I am fully recovered.  This is a first for me; I usually press on before my injury is healed and either reinjure the same spot or precipitate a new injury, while favoring the old one. 

Having said that, the other day I ran 4 x 200 meter intervals at my 800 meter race pace without too much difficulty and, for a brief moment, I thought of “going for the gold” in Berea.  But then I regained my senses and realized I needed to be injury free for at least the rest of this year, and only then should I consider National Competition.  Besides, I haven’t “won the gold” in decades. 

Maybe this time I will finally learn the ancient adage: When we charge ahead without consideration that we might fall into that hole again, when we see the hole up ahead, stop and go around it.  For me that hole is injury.  I hope you have learned that lesson already.  If you haven’t, I hope my experience brings you closer to seeing, stopping, and walking around that hole.  Before you leave, please click on the Books Tab at the top of this page to learn about my Thriller and Children Fantasy stories.   

Please join me again next week for more Running, Writing, and Traveling For Life.  In the meantime, please email me at  Thanks!

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