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Copenhagen Mermaid Side View From The Boat

This week has had its downs and ups.  Sunday had been a total rest day, so I felt ready for my cross training session at the gym on Monday.  The mistake was that I did leg presses and leg curls on machines instead of equipment-free exercises I usually do for my quads, hamstrings and glutes.  To make matters worse, I set the machines with higher weight than I typically to. 

The net result was that I was extremely stiff on Tuesday, particularly in my knees.  I did an easy 3 ½ mile run in the morning, but I didn’t play my typical 9 holes of Tuesday afternoon golf because I was so tired and stiff.  I had terrible pains along both tendons in the back of my neck, probably from straining with the extra weight on the machines at the gym on Monday.  Aleve didn’t help much.

I did feel better by noon on Wednesday, however, so I was able to add one more 200 meter repeat than I had been able to handle in previous weeks.  The average time for the 200s was slightly slower than those of previous weeks, but the rest interval between them was less than in previous sessions. My left knee was sore during the warm-up, but was fine during the repeats.  I was particularly pleased because I focused on relaxing my stomach core and shortening my stride, and I felt relaxed overall during the repeats most of the time.  I’ll have more on this in a minute. Continue reading RUNNING, WRITING, AND TRAVELING FOR LIFE-EPISODE 9