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Thanks for joining me today.  This week I would like to talk about the value of long runs.  I’ve always believed long runs are important, but they take time, and I haven’t been willing to spend that time to get them done over this past year.  Because I have been training primarily for the 800 meters, I focused on speedwork and fast tempo runs because they could be completed in less time than slogging through a long, slower run.  I had to get ready to run fast, not slow!

As I pointed out in Episode 4, New Zealand Coach Arthur Lydiard stressed what he called Marathon Training to build a strong base of long runs before you start building the faster, more strenuous speed.  You can more easily handle that build if you are constructing it on top of a strong base.  Click here to review Episode 4: DIRECT LINK TO EPISODE 4

I’ve had another good week of rebuilding my running condition.  The foundation continues to be built around 1 long run, 1 tempo run and 1 day of intervals.  I rested 1 day, and walked and played golf the remaining 3 days.  The only problem I had was a slight cramping in one of the tendons behind my right knee during the second-to-the-last interval.

I have found a running group that does intervals every week, and I recommend you find one if you don’t have group already.   My experience is that we motivate each other, even if it’s just getting us out onto the track every week.  I also believe there is extreme value in the sharing of our experiences when we talk during the rest intervals.

Today I am also posting Episode 4 from my Children’s Fantasy, Mr. Wugidgem and the Faces of Freedom:

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Thanks again for being with me today!

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