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Young Mister Wugidgem-Episode 2

Thanks for logging on today! In the first episode, we went back in time to July 4th, 1994, when Debby and Michael Clark’s magician mentor, Mister Wugidgem, turned 13 years old. We caught a glimpse of the strange and weird happenings in James’ life. Today we’ll see the context of those events.

Here is the direct link to Episode 2:

Direct Link To Episode 2

Next week we’ll see the final results of the father and son three-legged race. Then we’ll watch Grace and Mrs. Russell compete in the mother and daughter three-legged race. Please join me then.

If you can’t wait to find out what happens over the next 22 weeks, please let me know, and I will send you the link to the complete paperback book site.

Thanks for listening!

Young Mister Wugidgem, A Young Adult Magical Fantasy


This Great Oak Tree appears on the cover of my new book, Young Mister Wugidgem. We’ll be going back in time to 1994, when Debby and Michael’s mentor, Mister Wugidgem, is thirteen years old. The paperback proof is on the way to me for final approval, and I expect it will be available by the end of August on my web site:

In the meantime, I have started podcasting the book, and the Prologue is going out today. Here is the link:

Direct Link to Young Mister Wugidgem-Episode 1-Prologue 

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