Young Mister Wugidgem-Episode 4

Thank you for clicking in this week for the continuation of Young Mister Wugidgem. We’ve gone back to 1994 which marks the beginning of James Wugidgem’s own magical journey. For those of you who were with me for the previous 5 books in this series, you’ll know Mister Wugidgem is Debby and Michael Clark’s magical mentor.

Last week we raced along with James and his Dad on his 13th birthday as they eked out a victory in the father and son three-legged race. We also met Ben, the class bully. We won’t see him again in this story, but we surely will in the next. Today, we’ll run along the sideline with James and his best friend, Amos, as they cheer on Grace and Mrs. Russell in the mother and daughter three-legged race!  Here is the direct link: 


In Episode 5 we’ll follow James, Grace, and Amos down to the riverbank across from where the July 4th fireworks will be launched, where they spot a suspicious person in the trees. Then, during the fireworks finale, James and Dad come face to face with evil! 

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