Young Mister Wugidgem Episode 7

Thanks for joining me for Episode 7 of Young Mister Wugidgem. Last week we rode along the river with James, Grace, and Amos to the triple-trunk tree, where they found several clues that could lead to the identity of the evil magician. We also heard from Mom that she believes Dad has real magical powers. Mom then took the clues to Charlie Connors of the FBI.

Today we’ll see James teach Mom how to search the Internet to help Jill Patton in her case against Strauss Solutions, and then Charlie will provide leads that may identify the evil magician. Finally we’ll follow James over to see Grace and Amos to share some of this information with them.

Here is the link to Episode 7 of Young Mister Wugidgem:

Young Mister Wugidgem-Episode 7

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Please join me again next week when Grace and Amos try to prove Reverend Peterson was actually at Lake Tahoe at the time the evil crimson red laser was shot at James and Dad. Thanks again for listening!


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