Young Mister Wugidgem Episode 13


Welcome to Episode 13 of Young Mister Wugidgem. Before we begin, I would like to introduce you to the other 5 books in the Mr. Wugidgem Series, plus the first novel I wrote, Slaves On Horseback.  Please click on this link to learn more about them. Then click on the “Look Inside” prompt above the book cover to see the first 6 pages. This link will take you directly to Amazon:

When you are finished, please return to this page for today’s audio podcast.

Here is the link to Slaves On Horseback:


Here is the link to all of my novels, including Young Mister Wugidgem, currently priced at 20% off:


Last week we learned Europium is the new, highly conductive rare-earth metal used in Jill Kelly’s magic wand. Then we heard about the comedy of errors when Dad tried to teletransport a Rolex watch, using real magic. Then we traveled to Immersion, and Dad continued magical training for James, Sally, and Mom.  Today, James, Sally, and Mom resume the bumpy ride toward honing the tools for magical self-defense. Here is the link to today’s audio podcast:

Young Mister Wugidgem-Episode 13 Link

Please join me next week as Dad takes James, Sally, and Mom behind the scenes at the theater, and then Dad goes all out during his real magic performance. Thanks for listening!

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