Slaves On Horseback by [CHAPMAN, ALLAN WESTCOTT]

Good Morning!

I want to alert you to special e-book pricing on my Thriller, Slaves On Horseback, starting tomorrow. It will run from 8 a.m. Sunday, July 29, with a 40% discount price, increasing each day at 8 a.m. by $1.00 until it reaches the list price of $9.99 four days later.

Here is the link:

Amazon link to e-book Slaves On Horseback at discounted prices

Put this link on your calendar for 8 a.m. Sunday so you don’t miss the best price!


Next week I will also be audio podcasting Episode Three from my Young Adult Magical Reality Thriller, Mr. Wugidgem and the Faces Of Freedom. It’s free, and the first two Episodes are already posted. Let me know if you would be interested in a discounted version of the e-book. Please reply in the comments box below. If I hear from some of you, I’ll create the special discount program for Faces Of Freedom  the following week.

Thanks again!!

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