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Welcome to this week’s  podcast of  Mr. Wugidgem And The Faces Snow Queen.  Last week we were with Debby, Michael, Emily, and Mr. Wugidgem as the children learn strange and wondrous magic. Today we’ll follow Debby and Michael as they go undercover, and then we’ll watch them learn more magical skills.
Here is the link to episode 5:

Thanks for listening today. Next week we’ll see Debby get closer to Stephanie, and Michael learns a lot from Jamison.
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Slaves On Horseback. Here is a synopsis:
“Nick Shepherd rockets up the UNRC Oil Company corporate ladder at warp speed.  As he nears the highly coveted and competitive top spot, terrorism, marriage trauma, and an oil glut divert his trajectory.  Nick loses his focus, discovering what used to work for him no longer does.  Longevity runs in his family, and he wonders, “Is that all there is?”  This leads him to take irrational risks.  Or are they so irrational?  Nick had lost his way.  This is a tale of mystery, leading Nick on a new path which stretches him beyond his imagination.”
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I hope you like what you see.

Thanks again for joining me!

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