Welcome to Episode 6 of Mr. Wugidgem And The Snow Queen. Last week we followed Debby and Michael as they went undercover, and then we watched them pick up more magical skills. Today we’ll see Debby get closer to Stephanie, and Michael learns a lot from Jamison. Here is the link to today’s podcast:


I discovered in Middle School I was blessed with two talents: running fast and writing well. I graduated from Stanford with a BA in Creative Writing when the Department Chair was Pulitzer Prize winner, Wallace Stegner. I learned quickly I needed a real job, so I earned an MBA which served me well, while I wrote a bit in whatever spare time I had. I wandered in the Spiritual Wilderness for many years, focused on business. I finally learned various meditation practices which enabled me to experience a more moment-to-moment life. I became better able to dump the past, accept the future as only possibility, and savor the only thing I really had: the present. My spiritual journey led me to conclude all religions can and should accept all other religions. All are marred, and all need to focus on what’s good in their religion and end the destructive elements. Ecumenical acceptance is a central theme in all my works. It took me 25 years to complete the Thriller, Slaves on Horseback. Then I wrote six Upper Middle Grade and Young Adult Magical Reality Fantasies. I believe you will enjoy all of them!

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I hope you like what you see. Thanks again for listening!


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