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Effective today, I am running a promotion for three more e-books in the Mr. Wugidgem Magical Adventures series. They are Mr. Wugidgem and the Dark Journey, Mr. Wugidgem and the Snow Queen, and Young Mister Wugidgem. Today the price is $1.99, increasing to $3.99 the next day, changing to $5.99 the third, and back to the list price of $9.99 the fourth.
I am also offering discounts on the e-book and paperback version my Adult Thriller, Slaves On Horseback. Today the e-book price is $1.99, moving to $3.99 tomorrow, up to $5.99 the third day, and to the list price of $9.99 on the fourth. The paperback price is reduced from the list price of $15.95 to $12.76 for the next four days.

The link below will take you to my author page on Amazon for the details. Here is the link to all the books:

I am providing a audio podcast link to Episodes 1 and 2 to Slaves On Horseback so you can check out this adult thriller:

To access all of my free audio podcasts, please go to my web site:

If you like what you read and hear, please send a quick review to my Amazon author website listed above. If you don’t like it, write what you want. I like to learn from my mistakes.


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