Welcome to Episode 2 of Teen Transformation. Today we’ll see James severely tempted to use magic for the first time in his ordinary life. Here is the link to the podcast:

If you listened to Episode 1 last week, you may be interested in the complete paperback book version as a holiday gift for others or even a treat for yourself. The list price is $12.96 but between now and December 25, I have discounted the price 25% to $9.72. The link to the offer is just below. There are three choices:  Free Preview, Share, and Buy On Amazon. You can check out all three. If you buy the book, when you finish reading it, please send a review to Amazon. The link is on my Amazon author page. Thanks.

Happy Holidays!!

For those of you who are interested in the electronic edition, Amazon will be allowing me to run a discount program after December 27. I’ll provide the details in a future post.

Thanks for logging on, and I hope you enjoy this Episode 2 podcast of Teen Transformation.


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