EPISODE 16In this prodigious period of pandemic, we are all catapulted into an environment none of us have ever experienced. Many of us have behaved in ways that reveal our dark sides. Many of us have connected with their compassionate side and helped total strangers in need. All of us are now spending time with our families and significant others more than we ever have. We need to make the best of that time.

A good sign is families are venturing out together to get fresh and virus- free air for exercise and meet essential needs. But most of our time will be spent with our dear ones in mandatory or self-imposed quarantine. I think this a terrific opportunity for each of us to learn to love all creation. I have been working on being this way for many years and have written a Thriller and Magical Realism Fantasies. These fictional stories focus on ways all people, even those on the dark side, can discover love and act on it. By coming from love, we improve ourselves, our families, and the world.

I offer free audio podcasts of all these stories. I believe all generations can find and step on the path toward better acceptance of all people, including themselves.

If you are already a subscriber to my podcasts, here is the synopsis of today’s free Episode, Teen Transformation-Episode 16:  

Golden light magician. Angry teenager. Warrior against dark side magicians armed with red magic laser beams. James rejects magic until a new dark side threat rises. He struggles to control his hot temper. Dangerous encounters truly test this teenager which could cure or kill him. In the last episode, James, Tim, and Denny continued training with the team. We followed them to a dual cross-country meet against Turlock and marveled at how the trio made the difference in the race outcome. Then we were with the Wugidgems as they came under attack by Ben, a dark magician. Today, James confronts Ben, pushing him along a path to catch a glimpse of the light side. Then James, Denny, and Tim race in the San Joaquin Valley Cross Country Championships.

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