When I’m outside running and walking during this stressful time of self quarantine and social distancing of at least six feet apart, I’m joyfully astounded at the mutual smiles and even brief pleasantries I exchange with everyone. This happens rarely in normal times.  Maybe we really are social animals who have lost our way. I pray when we return to normal times, the new normal for all of us will be coming from love, caring, and social interaction.

Before we move to this this week’s audio podcast, I would like you to know I’ve cut all my middle grade and young adult e-book prices to $2.99 and my adult e-book thriller, Slaves On Horseback to $4.99.Here is the link:



Golden light magician. Angry teenager. Warrior against dark side magicians armed with red magic laser beams. James rejects magic until a new dark side threat rises. He struggles to control his hot temper. Dangerous encounters truly test this teenager which could cure or kill him. In the last episode, James confronted Ben, pushing him to reveal the reason for his dark side attack. James dragged him along a path so he could catch a glimpse of the light side. Then James, Denny, and Tim competed in the San Joaquin Valley Cross Country Championships. Today, James, Denny, and Tim will finish that race. Mrs. West agrees to meet with the Wugidgems and her long-lost sister, Jill Kelly. James, Tim, and Denny make the team to compete in the California State Cross Country Championship.

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