Today, I’m prefacing this podcast with a link for everyone terrified and exhausted by all the misinformation and uncertainty our leaders are bombarding us with. This week I listened to a Zoom broadcast by Kristian Andersen, PHD, a genomic epidemiologist at Scripps Research here in San Diego titled Outsmarting Emerging Pathogens in an Interconnected World. My main takeaway was we are probably four years away from a truly effective vaccine. That was scary, but methodical and realistic. Somehow, I felt reassured. I urge you to listen. I believe you will have more peace of mind. Click on the link and scroll to Past Lectures at the bottom:


Outsmarting Emerging Pathogens in an Interconnected World
You can use the same  link to register for the April 22 lecture, Addressing the Coronavirus Challenge, delivered by Michael Frazen, PHD, Co-Chair of the Department of Immunology and Microbiology:
Addressing the Coronavirus Challenge

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Here is the synopsis of Episodes 19 and 20:

Golden light magician. Angry teenager. Warrior against dark side magicians armed with red magic laser beams. James rejects magic until a new dark side threat rises. He struggles to control his hot temper. Dangerous encounters truly test this teenager which could cure or kill him. In the last episode, the Wugidgems learned from Louise Cartwright about an imminent major dark side attack. Dad and Reverend Peterson discovered they have something unusual in common. Jack Kelly murdered both of their grandfathers. Reverend Peterson went with the Wugidgems and Ben to Immersion to learn how to defend against the dark side threat. Today, Today, in this final episode, James and Grace attempt to reconcile their differences.
Here is the link to Episode 20:
Link to Teen Transformation Chapter 20, the Final Episode
If you would like to start from the beginning, here is the link to Episode 1:
Teen_Transformation Episode 1
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