I  graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Creative Writing, full of my vision of penning brilliant pieces to a quivering public.

Alas that was not to be.  Financial obligation loomed when I took a wife, so I chose the MBA path to Corporate America.

I have integrated my creative skills into my several day jobs in the airline and paper industries, lo these many years.  Then about a year and a half ago the miracle of the Internet showed me ways to talk to the world.  I began podcasting episodes of my Thriller and my Children’s Fantasies over iTunes.  Then I figured out a way to self publish these stories through a Division of Amazon.  This has all been immensely enjoyable, and I am creating this blog to broaden my reach to more listeners and readers.

I hope you enjoy being with me each week.

5 thoughts on “AUTHOR BIO

  1. Hi Allan,
    I was in your Writing 2.0, Blogging and Beyond Class and wanted to ask you a question. At the last class, I heard you mention that you were working on a friend’s blog about drinking only water, coffee and wine? I hope that this was you. The title is right up my alley and I would like to investigate further.

    On another note, really nice job on your blog. It is very apparent that you are a professional and talented writer. I like that you are including your grandmother’s poetry too. What a tribute!

    Thank You! Sandra

    1. Hi, Sandra,

      I’m sorry it wasn’t I who is working on a blog about drinking only water, coffee, and wine; I drink only water and coffee! I never got the hang of portion control when it came to wine.
      I’ve enjoyed your well-written blogs on simplifying your life!
      Also, thanks for your kind words about my blog.
      All the best,
      Allan Chapman

  2. Hi Allan,
    I received an email invitation from you to linkedin. I had no idea why I received it but your name sounded familiar so I found this site via Google and your picture verified my apparently still functioning long-term memory. You used to work for WWF where I provided freelance computer support. I think it’s been a good 12 to 15 years since I’ve seen you. I stopped working for WWF in 2002 when Gould took ownership and didn’t want to pay for outside services. I’m curious how I came to receive this invitation all these years down the road.

    1. Hi, Steven,

      Thanks for your note! You do have an excellent memory!
      The reason you received my Linkedin invitation is that you are in my Contact list. You may want to send an invitation to people on your contact list to remind them of your services. Facebook it’s not, but it could generate some leads for you.
      I’m out in California now, operating a one person business. I’m still focused on the paper business, but spending some time writing Adult and Children spiritual novels.
      Thanks again for your note and good luck!

      All the best,

  3. Allan – Many, many years ago we were in classes together at LSJU, and also were hashers at Lagunita dining hall. Are you still in California (as your bio indicated – but it doesn’t say when you wrote it). Martha Hendrickson Pratt

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