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When “shelter in place” began, I started writing book eight of Adventures with Mr. Wugidgem, Teen Freedom. The major hero, James Wugidgem is in a bad place. His volatile temper is at an all-time low flash point. He abandoned his magical training. His sister, Sally pushes him to seek help from Louise, a veteran golden light magician. In this overwhelming time of the Covid-19 rampage, you might benefit from the same lessons James and Sally learned. For factual information on the meditation and affirmations process follow this link:


Teen Freedom is fiction, but the concepts have helped me. I hope it will be published by December, 2020. Here is an excerpt:

“What did you do to stop the anger?” James asked.

“The same thing you did two years ago but aren’t doing now,” Louise replied.

James sighed. “You mean meditations and affirmations.”

“Yep. But I hear you. I still have nightmares about the Kelly battle, although probably not as bad as yours. I get that meditations and affirmations take time and patience and become a “have-to” that you don’t want to do.”

James felt frustrated, not angry. “What do you suggest?”

Louise smiled. “As we used to say in my day, K-I-S-S, which means keep-it-simple-stupid. Resume doing your meditations. Do Orenda’s short-cut to get centered and just a few affirmations out loud after that. You’ll be done in five minutes.”

“Which affirmations?”

“The most important ones. First, ‘I love doing my affirmations and I repeat them regularly.’ Visualize yourself actually doing the affirmations. Second, ‘Affirmations work to improve my life.’ Again, visualize you are happy, because doing the affirmations does improve your life. Third, ‘I enjoy managing my anger, and I dispel it easily.’ Then visualize the anger shooting out of the top of your head. Do this twice a day. Before long, it will become a good habit again and you can add back in whatever affirmations you feel you need. It worked for me. I believe it will for you.”

James nodded his head and felt a glimmer of hope. “It just might,” he said.

“Let’s do a trial run right now,” Louise said. She looked at Sally. “Joining us?” she asked.

“Yep. I had forgotten about Orenda’s short cut.”

“Good. Sit on the bench and close your eyes. Breathe naturally. Focus primarily on listening to your breathing, here and now. Listen also the birds chirping, feel the gentle breeze caress your face, and whatever else your present senses bring you.”

She was silent for several moments. “Feel your feet on the ground. Relax them. Now feel the connection between your feet and the ground. Keep listening to your relaxed, natural breathing.”

She paused again. “Become aware of any pain in your body. Recognize it as pain. Do not judge it; it just is. Let it go and return to your breathing.”

This time, Louise was quiet slightly longer. Finally, she said, “Now you are centered. Let’s repeat the three affirmations together.”

When they finished, James and Sally opened their eyes and saw bright smiles on each other’s faces. Louise was also smiling. “I’d say you guys got it.”

“Yep,” said James. “I felt my pent-up anger shoot straight out the top of my head.”

Sally said, “Doing Orenda’s centering method sure makes it easier for me to visualize the reality of the affirmations and believe they do improve my life.”

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