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Thanks for joining me today.  This week I would like to talk about the value of long runs.  I’ve always believed long runs are important, but they take time, and I haven’t been willing to spend that time to get them done over this past year.  Because I have been training primarily for the 800 meters, I focused on speedwork and fast tempo runs because they could be completed in less time than slogging through a long, slower run.  I had to get ready to run fast, not slow!

As I pointed out in Episode 4, New Zealand Coach Arthur Lydiard stressed what he called Marathon Training to build a strong base of long runs before you start building the faster, more strenuous speed.  You can more easily handle that build if you are constructing it on top of a strong base.  Click here to review Episode 4: DIRECT LINK TO EPISODE 4

I’ve had another good week of rebuilding my running condition.  The foundation continues to be built around 1 long run, 1 tempo run and 1 day of intervals.  I rested 1 day, and walked and played golf the remaining 3 days.  The only problem I had was a slight cramping in one of the tendons behind my right knee during the second-to-the-last interval.

I have found a running group that does intervals every week, and I recommend you find one if you don’t have group already.   My experience is that we motivate each other, even if it’s just getting us out onto the track every week.  I also believe there is extreme value in the sharing of our experiences when we talk during the rest intervals.

Today I am also posting Episode 4 from my Children’s Fantasy, Mr. Wugidgem and the Faces of Freedom:

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Thanks again for being with me today!


Stanford University Track-Another View
Stanford University Track-Another View

This working for a living sure gets in the way of life!  I’ve been trying to start this week’s blog all last week, and the next thing I knew it was the middle of the following week.  Anyway I have managed to find time to run, but today’s comments and observations will be short.

As I have mentioned, I decided to skip this year’s Masters Nationals in Berea, Ohio and focus on a slow rebuild to avoid injury.  But I probably have been pushing a bit too hard, particularly in my cross training at the gym.  On second thought, I overdid golf at the beginning of training resumption, after the long layoff.  That’s when I aggravated my knees.  My trainer modified the glutes, hamstrings, quads, upper body, and core exercises to avoid undue pressure on my knees for several weeks.  This did allow my knees to heal, and now I experience only an occasional twinge.

Then I read in Runner’s World that strengthening inner (adductor) and outer (abductor) hip muscles would lead to a more consistent foot landing with each step.  This, in turn, would reduce the stress on your knees.  Therefore this week I did 3 sets of 15 reps each on the inner thigh and outer thigh machines, with probably too much weight.  Both my inner and out adductor muscles were sore for the next 2 days.  I probably should have followed Runner’s World advice and used resistance bands instead of the machines.  Well, live and try to learn!  Continue reading RUNNING, WRITING AND TRAVELING FOR LIFE-EPISODE 6

Running, Writing, and Traveling for Life Episode 3

Lana'i, Hawaii Pristine Southeast Coast

Lana’i, Hawaii Pristine Southeast Coast




Welcome back for Episode 3 of Running, Writing, and Traveling for Life.  Last week I painfully enumerated all the details of the previous week’s workouts.  It was probably more painful for you to wade through than it was for me to write.  Anyway my conclusion was that you need to find ways of determining the rest you need between intervals and between vigorous sessions.  For the most part, we learn this by the way we feel, but a heart monitor is a good way to test our subjective rest evaluations.  By the way, the above picture of the deserted Lopa Beach on Lana’i, Hawaii is hard to get to, but worth it.  I only walked on it this time, but next time I’ll run on it!

After reviewing this past week’s training, I saw the value of more rest between the intervals, and more rest and cross training between the more strenuous running days.  I started the week off with 1 ½ hours of “weed-whacking” and raking in the back yard, which involved both upper and lower body cross-training.  The next day was complete rest.  The day after that was a 45 minute gym workout, focusing on quads, hamstring, glutes, calves, biceps, triceps, and hips.  The 4th day I played 9 holes of golf as a light cross-training and rest day.  Continue reading Running, Writing, and Traveling for Life Episode 3